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Friday, November 15, 2013

PIQF Purchases

PIQF was great this year, so many familiar faces, new and old quilts. Noticed lots of birds and squids (?!) on many quilts. I didn't upload any of my quilt pictures this year, sorry.
And it's always a good excuse to buy some new quilting supplies because there are so many vendors all in one place.
I always have to get something Halloween related since the show is around that time and I'm in the mood, this time it was these great vintage Halloween postcards printed on fabric

A new ruler for shapes I hardly ever use, the Hex n More by Jaybird Quilts, I've been wanting to try block making with them. There are a lot of quilt designs that use this ruler and I'll have to pick one.

 Fun fabrics that I don't have a specific use for, just really liked them, especially this last torn newspaper collage print.
A swivel clip d-ring that I need to make a new bag at some point.

Wool thingies to take with me to China because they're lightweight and fun colors.Big felted balls.

As well as smaller ones. And wool circles, why not?

Friday, August 02, 2013

At The Local

I recently visited the local Japanese grocery store (Misuwa Marketplace) which is the size of a regular ol' American grocery store but has the added benefit of a very cool bookshop inside of it. This is once you get beyond the awesome factor of a whole refrigerated case of various sorts of tofu, another filled with an amazing selection of mushrooms of every sort, all the seaweed you could ever want, an in-store sushi chef, noodle cafe, a Shisiedo makeup outlet, etc.

It's a bizarre sort of place, but very enjoyable and friendly and I'm glad there's one not too far away to visit occasionally.

I found the above goodies in the bookstore.

  •  A new watercolor brush that holds water in the handle, very handy for travel.  (And hard to explain to Chinese airport security guards, whoops)
  • A new kind of origami paper, which I like to use in collages since I'm pretty awful at origami.  
  • The beautiful red fabric is an official Furoshiki, a cloth that is used (and re-used) for wrapping gifts.  I've been doing my own half-assed version of this when I give presents, especially to quilting friends, but I thought it would be fun to try it with a real one.  Who will be the lucky giftee has not yet be decided but the red and the almost polka-dots is a pretty big hint I'd say.

As I'm on a non-Nook-book diet, I had to put back several crafting, paper, Japanese clothing, knitting (whywhywhy, I don't knit) and art books.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spoonflower, Why Not?

So here's my first Spoonflower fabric,which I had produced using the image I photoshopped from the End of Anise.   I just really liked how the image turned into something so different than what it started as.  I was curious to see what it would look like in a tiled fabric, and I've been curious to use Spoonflower for a while now.
The interface is very easy to use and there are many tools and choices to use as you specify what you want printed.  The fabric itself is lovely and very usable.
This is probably what it feels like to self-publish a book, that thrill that you created this physical thing, and you're very happy with it, but it's not like it's official success or anything, something you've bought for yourself, just to please yourself.  Just leave me to wallow in my selfish pride for a moment.Spoonflower includes this cute little fabric label, which I'm not sure what I'd use it for, maybe to specify on the back of the quilt or whatever I make with the fabric that the fabric was printed by them.

The main reason I was even at Spoonflower in the first place was for the purpose of buying this fabric so that I can participate in the Exquisite Uterus project.  If you're interested, there's still time for you, work isn't due until 8/31.  By the way this fabric is a linen-cotton canvas with a nice thick hand., which is great because I'll be embellishing it (probably with beads and paint).

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In Praise of Ugly

Sometimes ugly works.  Definitely when it comes to backing fabric.  I already told you about this fabric months ago, but I've been using it.  A whole lot.  Because I bought 12 yards of it. This is actually a Hoffman if you can believe that.  And I bought the end of the bolt at my LQS off the 'we're getting rid of this stuff' pile.  For $1.00 a yard, can't beat it.  Hides quilting stitches really well on the back, it's a good quality fabric too, so in my book, for quilts that are hanging on the wall, it's a Perfect Backing Fabric.  I just can't look at it for too long at a time.  And I will predict that there will be bits and pieces of this showing up in my quilts, because it will be in my scrap pile now, so look for it in a quilt I make in the near future.
(And I apologize if this is the most beautiful fabric you've ever seen in your life, we all have different tastes!)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ammonites For The Win

I was recently reminded (nudged, goaded) that I hadn't posted on this blog since January.  And here it is May already.  How time flies!  I just got out of the habit I guess.  In case anyone is still interested, I'm starting up again.

So, for a first post, how about this?  A beautiful and inspiring gift from the aforementioned nudger,
 artquiltmaker of some very cool fabric from Spoonflower.  Look it's even still available! I love ammonites and anything spiral-y and purple and lime green and this has all of that in one place.  Which makes this a perfect and lovely gift.  The fabric is a really nice hefty weight, good quality stuff.  I think I will make a notebook cover out of this so that I'll get to see it all the time, it's such a great design.

Makes me really want to try uploading a design and getting my own stuff printed out just to see what it would look like. (adds to mile-long list of things to try out at some point).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Modern Group

 Last week I visited a new quilt group that meets in my area, well, they were new to me at least.  They were celebrating their 1st year anniversary.  South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild which meets at SueDee's Quilting Knitting and More in Scottt's Valley.  A very nice group of people, with lots of enthusiasm for the "modern quilting" style that's going on these days.  They were so nice that I went home with a piece of the above fabric out of a freebie bag of someone's scraps that was getting passed around.  What a good introduction to the group, here have some free fabric.  I think it will be nice to have a non-art-quilt focused group to be a part of, since I like to make functional quilts also, so I plan to attend the meeting next month.

And Sue Dee's had just moved locations a few doors down and had a $1 a yard table.  Woohoo, Backing Fabric!  I love getting fabric like this, so it's easy to use it up and not get precious about it.  Especially for wall quilts, the busier and weirder the print gets, it's all fine by me.  If it's a backing for a bed or couch quilt, then I pay more attention to the backing fabric of course, because it's going to get seen and touched all the time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Am The Lorax

Have you ever read "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss?  It's one of our family's all-time favorite Seuss books.  We also had the animated movie as well which is as good as The Grinch in my opinion.  Anyways, I was really excited to see this panel in my local quilt shop, Sue Dee's.  I bought it with the thought of making a pillowcase for my son Zach since he's leaning towards environmental studies in college.  The Lorax speaks for the trees (and the environment in general).
Mostly I was just glad to see this book highlighted in fabric like this.  No doubt because of the recent big-screen movie adaptation (haven't seen it).  But I was really glad that the original illustrations were used.  There's something about them, the clean lines, not overly detailed, and surreal as all get out.  I've always got a weak-spot for surrealism...  And the use of text and font and word placement to help communicate the story.
So, no I haven't made the pillowcase quite yet.  I may combine it with the squids will be squids fabric since it's the same brown/orange/blue color scheme.  Hmmm, I wonder if any of my nieces like the Lorax, I'd better find that out...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Washing To Do

A big stack of to-be-washed fabrics.  Monthly batik packs from eQuilter and random purchases over the last year.  I try to wash my fabrics as I buy them, just works better for me, knowing everything is already washed.  I think I've been putting this off because it will be a lot of ironing, but the stack is taunting me, I want to use this stuff!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fabric From All Over

 Another bag of world textile treasures arrived from my Aunt Suzi from all her travels teaching English all over the place.  She's so kind to think of sharing all this with me, I'm a lucky girl.  I thought I'd share some pictures because so much of it is unusual and different to my eyes.  And a great addition to my fabric stash.  First are these batik panels.
 They're both quite large and have great detail.

 A really nice bordered batik print, red on black. There's maybe enough for a nice skirt I think.

 Not sure of some of the fabric content on these,some are possibly polyester blend.  Not sure why but this one had an elephant printed along the edge in one spot.  

 I like a lot of the labels and printed logos, they're just so different than what I'm used to seeing on US products.

And finally this thick woven one,  isn't it gorgeous with that subtle lighter blue stripe?  There's a lot of this one, maybe enough for a jacket.
Thanks Aunt Suzi!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Zig-Zagging Through PIQF

Last month I met up with Jaye and her mom, Mary to see the PIQF show in Santa Clara.  It was a great show this year, and it was really fun to see it together with them. We each notice really different things about quilts, so it's fun to talk about them all at once.  And it was really great to see Jaye's quilt Zig Zaggy hanging in the special exhibit New Quilts of Northern California (yay Jaye!).
 Jaye and I both bought this template from Come Quilt With Me for our next hey-cut-me-one-of-those-out-of-your-fabrics-when-you-feel-like-it quilts.  We did that using their templates (which are great, very well-made) for the Tumbler quilt I'm still working on and her Eye-Spy quilt.
We're both going to do our own background fabrics and cut out the windmill shapes for each other.  I haven't tried to make a block yet, hope it isn't too hard.
I had to buy these lovely soft fall colors, dyed in Kenya along with some very cool rolled paper beads.  Oh man the guy running this booth, Akonye Kena was a hoot, I could have chatted with him all day.
I also bought a new ironing board cover but I haven't put it on yet, so I'll tell you about it after I've managed it (wish me luck, it's a little involved).

I noticed in the quilts that I took pictures of  that I was focused on noticing many things like:

  • interesting stitching, both machine and hand-embroidery 
  • use of other pre-quilted/embroidered/embellished/exotic textiles 
  • unusually shaped quilts (hooray! finally!)
  • circles
  • leaves 
  • interesting found objects as embellishments
  • dimensional shapes as part of the quilt
  • text/fonts on the quilt surface

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back To School = New Pens

My version of buying back-to-school supplies for myself these days consists of acquiring New Pens.  Specifically ones for mark-making on fabric (at least this time around).  Some of these will work on paper and other surfaces too.
I decided I'd test them out all in one place to compare and contrast how each type looks when actually used on fabric.  The fabric is a pretty tight woven cotton without a lot of surface texture.  I like how this looks and it will be useful to me in deciding which pen to use in what situation.  My plan is to keep this piece of fabric and add to it when I find a new type of pen.
Out of these new pens I think I like the look of the fine point Tee Juice. Also, the feel of using the pen was easier than the Zig, maybe the tip material is different somehow?  The Tee Juice pens come in lots of yummy colors, so these may become a new addiction, we shall see...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Autumn Is In The Air Fabrics

It must be getting nearer to fall, because these are the recent fat quarters I picked up when stopping in at Sue Dee's (my closest LQS-Local Quilt Shop formerly Judy's) to buy sewing machine needles. Because you can't just buy the needles right?   Those tempting fat quarters, they know how irresistible they really are....
 Also the iridescent fall colored silky bit at the top is from Bron who assured me I would know what to do with it...So far it is hanging out looking very pretty in my studio.  I'm tempted just to hem it with spiky fibery yarn and sparkly glass beads and make a pretty scarf, but I hardly ever end up wearing stuff like that.  I suppose I could do that and gift it to someone or maybe something else entirely,  suggestions?

 I  bought the top leafy print fabric to make myself a skirt.  The second fabric is a matching border print with birds on phone wires.  I bought enough to make into a border for the skirt, but I've changed my mind completely on that now.  So what to do with the bird print?  It will probably end up as a quilt back since now that I look at it closely, I really don't want to look at it.
And every sewing room needs iron fabric.  Shoot, I should have bought more so I could have recovered my nasty and ripped ironing board cover with it.  Guess I'll have to go back to SueDee's to see if they still have it in stock.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Really, I Don't Buy Souvenirs

 I really don't buy too many souvenirs when I travel.  There are only so many t-shirts or coffee mugs one can use when you get back home.  Sometimes I'll buy a fridge magnet, but that's about it.
So I wanted to share some pictures of  what I did buy on my recent trip to Washington.  First is these two antique clay mold dolls that I picked up in Olympia, Washington.  They are about 3 inches high and pretty lightweight. Not in the best of shape, a little rough around the edges, but I thought they were interesting and had character.  They feel really nice in my hand too, maybe the coolness of the clay?
There were only two of them left, so of course I had to buy both, couldn't leave one lonely you know.  Yes, yes, I know they are maybe a little on the creepy side. (Okay maybe a lot!)   But they called to me in a shop full of sparkly crystal doorknobs and crystal balls.  Who knows maybe they'll be worked into something for Halloween?
One of them even stands up all by herself, as long as one doesn't jiggle the table too much.  Pretty good since she's missing part of her foot....

And one fat quarter to add to my skull fabric collection.  This one cracked me up for some reason.  Must be all the crowns or maybe the pink background..  I found this in the Victorian Square building in Port Townsend, there was a bead shop, a yarn shop and a fabric arts shop all in one spot.  It was hard to leave with only buying this one thing...Wish I'd gotten the name of the place because it was really cool having those three businesses in one spot.  I tried looking it up for you, but my google-fu wasn't working.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Falling For Inspiration

Regular inspiration luckily comes in the mail, which is the fun of subscribing to the Equilter's Monthly Stash Club.  I'm currently getting the Batik & Bali Hand-Dyes version, but have gotten the Creative Juices before, both are useful and inspiring and useful!  Some of these will most likely make it into my long-in-process Halloween Houses quilt.
They also make a nice background for photographing random stuff, like this cool colored glitter.  Yes, I know, I know, Martha Stewart, but still, look at these colors!I know I've put this up before, but  I like the combination of the fat quarter fabrics, thiis notecard/envelope and my stamped eye.Now to think of some way to combine them all, instead of random happenstance on top of my worktable!
And lastly,of course an October must not be allowed to pass without the purchase of additional Halloween-themed fabric of some kind.  This year it is scary and Haunted Wizard of Oz.  It just cracked me up and I liked the way the design is done on this one.

I had so much fun last year participating in this blog-tour-Halloween Party, I'll be doing it once again, so be sure to come back on October 16th to see what I come up with.  And if you want to also participate (yes, do it!), go sign up at A Fanciful Twist.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Fabulous And Free

The accumulation  of interesting fabric items continues thanks to my friends in CQFA!   How about these mini zippers? (Note the heart charms on a couple of them).

 These jersey bundles are so cool.  I am planning to dye a couple of long-sleeved t-shirts in these colors and apply them *somehow*.. These are just layers of jersey, cotton/lycra stacked, stitched and then cut to make the interesting shag look.
 Textures, textures, textures.  All of these are from FabMo, and I find myself wondering for what real-world decorating applications one would use these weird, yet cool fabrics.  Zebra-striped padded vinyl, hmmm, I guess you could cover a padded bench or bar stools.   Guess I should check out some home decorating magazines if I really want to know!
Hey, looks like some heat-set fabrics down on the bottom there.  These just have the fiber content labeled, but no process info, I have to guess on that.

What will all these end up being?  Besides part of my stash?  Who knows....stay tuned.